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Role debut as Rachel in "La Juive"

A new role for Yana Kleyn's repertoire list appears in 2018, where she has her debut as Rachel in Fromental Halevy's famous opera "La Juive".
The performances take place in Konstanz, Germany where the original story takes place 600 years ago.

Premiere is on 14 of June followed by further performances on 16,18,20,24,26,28/06; 1,4,7,9/7 2018

Superb reviews for Yana Kleyn in Metz.


The reviewers where ecstatic about Yana Kleyn as Mimì at Théâtre de Metz Métropole.
Here are a few excerpts:

-      Yvan Beuvard –

  "...a great lyric soprano in amazing ways. (She) has everything: the timbre, a wide vocal range, the broadest dynamic palette as well as physical and real dramatic presence.
...A powerful voice that knows how to use mezza voce and has the pianissimos of dreams, with a rare breath length...

A name to remember."

 Albert Dacheux –
"her extraordinary qualities as a lyric soprano in perfect match with the work of Puccini...
Yana Kleyn certainly shows herself in the best light. "Rodolfo m'ama", then the "Donde lieta" were they ever better sung?

-      Charles Arden –

"Yana Kleyn's Mimi illuminates the stage, the orchestra pit and the hall with a complete voice and a marvelous stage presence

The vibrant vibrato is a measurement of what her voice has in harmonics and character. A complete voice, that supports the guttural intensity up to and including her radiating treble.

Her voice has a multitude of colors, exploding into a tornado or projecting clear as an ice crystal. Immediately when she sings, there is a sweet and intoxicating fragrance of flowers.
The expressive intensity of the voice, the calm pianissimos and controls of all spectrums of nuances can fill any large opera house."


French debut at Théâtre de Metz Métropole

 Yana Kleyn gets her country- and house debut when she sings her first Mimì in France at Théâtre de Metz Métropole on 29th of September 2017 followed by two further performances on 1st and 3rd of October.

Debut at Copenhagen- and Aalborg Opera Festival

 The gala concert on 6th of August 2017 at Copenhagen Opera Festival, and two concerts on 12 and 13 of August at Aalborg Opera Festival marks the debut of Yana Kleyn in these two growing international festivals.

More Mimì's at Royal Opera in Stockholm

Yana Kleyn continues her success at Royal Opera in Stockholm with 12 more performances as Mimì over the spring 2017 on 28,31/1; 4,7,10,16,19/2; 3,7,9,12,14/06 2017.

Strong reviews as Desdemona
Riitta-Leena Lempinen-Veta from Itä-Savo writes about Yana Kleyn's Desdemona in 2016 at Savonlinna Festival:

“Yana Kleyn’s Desdemona is sensitive and girly, like Shakespeare’s writing requires. The tenderness of the very young girl comes alive especially in the Piangea cantando, where Kleyn feasted with extremely sensitive nuances. The very quiet parts of her performance expressed the held-back agony and fear of death in a touching manner. There is also power and melody in her voice when needed, and her voice keeps its warmth and agility even when using this power.”


Concert at Frederiksværk Festival
Yana Kleyn sings opera arias at "Frederiksværk Musikfestival" (Denmark) in arrangements for wind octet.
The concert takes place at Gjethuset on 1st of August 2016 at 20:00 and marks the end of the Festival.

Presentation: Henrik Goldschmidt
Conductor: Klas Sjöblom

Further Program: W.A. Mozart (1756-1791): Serenade no. 10 in B flat major KV361/370a (Gran Partita)
Festival- and Role debut as Desdemona at Savonlinna

On the 12 of July, Yana Kleyn has Festival- and Role debut as Desdemona at Savonlinna Festival.

Followed by performances on 21, 29 of July 2016.
In the cast is ao. one of the greatest Otello's of today Kristian Benedikt.
The roles of Jago sung by Elia Fabbian and Tommi Hakala.
Conductor: Xian Zhang
Stage director: Nadine Duffaut
Jump in at Oslo Opera

 On the 26 of May 2016 Yana Kleyn made jump in at the prestigious Oslo Opera singing the part og Liù in G. Puccini's Turandot

Mimi in Köln

On 13 of December 2015 Yana Kleyn will have her German debut as Mimì at Oper Köln;

Further performances on 17/12 (19:30),27/12 (19:30) 2015; 1 (18), 3/01 (18) 2016

Boheme in Stockholm

Yana Kleyn is in the middle of her production of Mimì in La Boheme at Royal Opera in Stockholm receiving amazing praise from the reviewers:

“(The Bohème) is light and full of fantasy, with solid musicianship and a splendid Yana Kleyn as Mimì….. Yana Kleyn must be one of the world’s greatest Mimì interpreters, with both seriousness and presence. Her voice is as soft and shining as the silk she embroiders.”
- Bo Löfvendahl – Svenska Dagbladet“

YK is superb as Mimì, especially in first and last act, and she has certainly come a long way since I heard her for the first time as Mimi at Opera på Skäret”
- Mogens H Andersson,

“The superior singers are all Swedish (except the brilliant Russian soprano Yana Kleyn’s Mimì).- Gunilla Brodrej
– Expressen

“The singers are another major reason to watch the show. Yana Kleyn as Mimì - I just say WOW”- Rosemari Södergren,

Michaela in Stockholm Yana Kleyn has finished her production of Michaëla in Carmen at Royal Opera in Stockholm on 19,21,24,27,29,31/08; 17,19,21,29/09; 01/10 2015
Opening concert at Kungliga Operan 15-08-2015: Tonight Yana Kleyn will sing Mimi's aria and the Rodolfo/Mimì's duet with Daniel Johansson outdoor at Gustav Adolfs Torg in Stockholm, to present the 15/16 season's program to the audience.Two more concerts follow on the 20 and 22 of August where she sings Rusalka's arie and Agathe's aria from Freishütz.Conductor: Lawrence Rennes More details
Liù at Royal Opera in Stockholm For the second time Yana Kleyn will be guesting Royal Opera in Stockholm as Liù in G. Puccini's "Turandot"First performance will be on 25th of May 2016 followed by performances on 28,31/05; 2,7,10,15/06 2016. Stage director: Marco Arturo Marelli More details
Dvorak Requiem in Aalborg, Denmark Yana Kleyn will sing the soprano solo in Dvorak's Requiem with Aalborg Symphony Orchestra on 12 of May 2016. The concert mark the ending of the 15/16 season of the orchestra and will be conducted by the star Michail Jurowski.Other soloists are:Hanne Fischer, mezzo Edgaras Montvidas, tenor Tadas Girininkas, bas More details
Donna Anna in Stockholm Yana Kleyn will sing Donna Anna in W. A. Mozart's "Don Giovanni" for the second time as a guest in Royal Opera Stockholm. First performance on 7th of April 2016 followed by performances on 16,22,28/04 2016. More details
Debut at Oper Köln Yana Kleyn will have her debut at Oper Köln as Mimì in G. Puccini's "La Bohème" on the 27th of December 2015. This will be followed by performances on 01/01; 13,20,27/02; 04/03 2016. Conductor: Francesco Angelico Stage Director: Michael Hampe More details
Premiere as Mimì in Royal Opera Stockholm Yana Kleyn will guest Royal Opera in Stockholm as Mimì in the spectacular new production of La Bohème staged by world famous tenor and stage director José Cura. Premiere is on 21 of November 2015 followed by 25 performances in that season and send in cinemas all over Sweden on 28 of November 2015.An original new production build around the big artists of Scandinavia where Rodolfo is Strindberg, Musetta is Tulla Larson, Macello is Munch, Schaunard is Grieg and Coline is Kirkegaard. More details
Yana Kleyn will sing her second production of Michaëla in G. Bizet's at Royal Opera in Stockholm, singing 11 performances on 19,21,24,27,29,31/08; 17,19,21,29/09; 01/10 2015 Stage director: Vincent Boussard Conductor: Eugene Tzigane More details
Jump in Kassel - Liú Yana Kleyn will jump in to sing Liù in G. Puccini's Turandot in Staatstheater Kassel on 27th of June 2015. More details